Kenny Chesney Officially Postpones Summer Stadium Tour To 2022

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Jill Trunnell

Welp, here we are in 2021, and while some artists have started to play more shows, and vaccinations are rolling out, the reality is that this isn’t over yet.

Kenny Chesney has just announced this his 2021 Chillaxification Tour will be postponed to 2022, once again due to the continuous spread of COVID-19.

This is the same tour that was supposed to happen in 2020, but was also canceled because of the pandemic. However, Kenny promises that next year the tour will be under a new name, and feature a completely new arsenal of songs for fans to enjoy.

Chesney, the man who said in an interview last year that No Shoes Nation is “horny for live music,” was deeply saddened that he will not be able to give the fans what they’ve been fiending over the past year.

He delivered the news with a heartfelt message to fans:

No Shoes Nation– It has been too long, and I miss you guys. You know how you feel when the music starts, the show open rolls, the lights spin? And it builds and then… I walk out and see you?! That is the greatest moment, and it starts the biggest rush I’ve ever experienced.

We have waited and we have hoped… Talked to the medical experts, stadium people, local officials across the country. I hate what I’m about to tell you. With all the progress being made around the pandemic, there is still too much unknown. What we’re hearing changes daily… anything is possible… But if we can only do two-thirds of the audience?  Who decides who doesn’t get to come to the show we’ve all been waiting for? If we have to have social distancing measures, how far apart will you be?

I have held on all these months, thinking I was going to see your faces soon. On bad days, that thought made me smile, gave me patience, inspired me to be my better self.

Seeing your faces, though, reminds me of what I said when we postponed last year: I won’t take chances with people I love. I also don’t want to come out there after all this time and not deliver the best show I ever have to all of you! If I can’t give you more than you expect, it feels like I’m letting you down. And I’d rather let me down than any of you.

So here comes reality. We’re moving to 2022… Where I feel better about us all being together safely. I’d rather keep everyone safe + know we can rock for years to come.


All of the stadiums that were on the 2021 itinerary will still be the same in 2022, and all tickets bought will be redeemed for next year. Refunds will also begin today at the original point of purchase if fans would like that option as well.

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