Arnold Schwarzenegger Voted Most Fit To Lead Earth During Alien Invasion: “I Am Ready To Serve”

Arnold Schwarzenegger in a suit and tie
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Just when I thought I saw it all back in 2020…

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a world-class bodybuilder, actor, politician, BIG Randy Travis guy… he does it all.

And now, the former Governator has been tasked with saving the world in the event of an alien invasion.

According to TMZ, a British survey was conducted with 2,000 people, and Schwarzenegger has been voted as the fittest to protect the world from an alien invasion.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The list included 20 actors/public figures, with names such as Will Smith, British superstar David Attenborough, Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, Sigourney Weaver, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Kamala Harris, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden, along with a few others.

Schwarzenegger weighed in on the big win:

“I want to thank the people for putting their faith in me. I am ready to serve.”

He barely beat out Will Smith, who finished at a very close second place. I mean I’m shocked Smith didn’t win though, especially given his impressive performances in Independence Day and I Am Legend.

But hey, that’s just me. I mean Schwarzenegger is badass no doubt, I’d feel pretty safe from an alien invasion with Mr. Universe at helm.

But since we’re on the Will Smith Independence Day thing, here’s something to fire you up for the night:

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock