Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He’s A “Randy Travis Fanatic,” They Worked Out Together In The ’90s

Arnold Schwarzenegger = BIG Randy Travis  guy.

While stumbling around the interwebs and deep into the country music caverns of YouTube (like I do every day), I happen upon this old gem featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Randy Travis.

Lo and behold, the Governator is a self-described “Randy Travis fanatic,” so much so, that all of his friends bought him Randy Travis records for his birthday.

“Randy I want you to know I contribute millions of dollars to your pocket because my friends all went out to buy Randy Travis records.”

Pumping iron and listening to Randy Travis… gotta love it.

The video wraps with a behind the scenes look at Randy’s gym routine. A little boxing, a little bench, leg press… and some wise words about diet… and how one time, they even worked out together.

Arnie and Randy, what a fucking phenomenal ’90s power duo. Greatness recognizes greatness.

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A beer bottle on a dock