Soccer Player Mauro Icardi & His Wife Allegedly Have Sex 12 Times A Day & I Call Bullsh*t

Mauro Icardi and woman taking a selfie

TWELVE TIMES… I am baffled.

A while back, Luke Bryan told a newlywed couple that the key to a great marriage is two simple things: “Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty.”

For Argentinian soccer player Mauro Icardi and his wife Wanda, the key is a little different…

According to The Sun, former Italian soccer player Daniele Adani was featured on Christian Vieri’s Twitch channel recently, and Adani spilled the beans on some juicy rumors that spread amongst professional soccer players… and pretty much the entire world.

Adani says that Paris Saint-Germain striker Mauro Icardi and his wife Wanda have A LOT of sex. Up to twelve times a day to be exact. TWELVE TIMES A DAY. And Wanda, who also is Mauro’s agent, has said in the past that he receives a little somethin’ somethin’ extra from her every single night.

However, much like Tom Brady, they allegedly have a “no sex on game days” rule. Well, at least before the game:

“I don’t know what to say. He should try it before a match but Mauro is very professional and does not do anything before a match. Only after and if the match went well. If it does not go well, he does not even want to look at me.”

Granted, this is just a spicy rumor that’s flooding the internet right now, and good for him if it’s true…. but I gotta call bullshit.

Here’s the thing…. they have five kids. Two together and three from Wanda’s previous marriage (to Mauro’s former teammate but that’s whole other story). There ain’t no way in HELL you have the time to do the no-pants-dance twelve times a day with that many kids running around. It’s simply impossible. Hell, if they could manage a couple times a day it would be impressive.

And we’re not even talking about the soccer schedule. I imagine being a professional soccer player is time consuming as well…

Don’t get me wrong, I want to believe it, I really do. But not a chance.

Either way though, good for them…

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