Matthew McConaughey Weighs In On “Aggressively Centric” Politics: “That’s A Dare… You Wanna Be Brave? Come Over Here”

Matthew McConaughey in a red shirt
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Governor McConaughey? I like the sound of that.

The conversation around Matthew McConaughey’s career in politics is heating up after he recently said the move is a “true consideration.”

At this stage in his life, he wants to take more of a leadership role, but is the “broken business” of politics the most effective way to do that? In a recent interview with USA Today, he said he would be a fool not to consider running for Governor, but he isn’t done weighing all of the options:

“I would say, as far as running, I’m not until I am. So my decision hasn’t changed because I’m still not. Am I giving it honest consideration? Yeah. I’d be a fool not to. And it’s an honorable consideration.

I still have to answer the same question for myself and my family. Honestly. Is that the truest and best category for me to be most useful? I’m ready to step into a leadership position in this next chapter of my life, but I don’t know that that’s in politics.”

And while McConaughey is pretty much liked by all, running as Republican or a Democrat will more than likely cut that popularity in half, especially in today’s ultra-divisive political climate.

But in response to all this division, McConaughey wants to challenge folks to meet in the middle, to get “aggressively centric,” as he put it:

“Look, I’m a ‘Meet You in the Middle’ man. When I say ‘aggressively centric,’ that sometimes gets parceled over there with ‘Oh, that’s a shade of grey, a compromise.’ And I say, ‘Bullshit. That’s a dare. Right now, that’s radical. You wanna be brave? Come on over here.’

Why? Because you got more agility, cause you got more adaptability. Because there’s different situations for different sides. Sometimes the left is better at this, sometimes the right. There’s different choices for different circumstances.”

And at the end of the day, McConaughey isn’t interested in being pigeon-holed, and wouldn’t want to see his constituents that way either.

“And right now, where politics has gone, where the great divide not only in Texas but in the United States, the left thinks the right’s racist and the right thinks the left’s Socialist. Well, that ain’t true.

Then you go, well, the left is for empathy, compassion and solidarity; well the right’s for resilience and work ethic and responsibility. I’m like, I like all six of those. Those are values that our mamas taught us.

The right and the left don’t have ownership of those, excluding the other side.”

Aggressively centric, meet in the middle, compassion AND hard work… he’s got my vote. And while we may never see him actually run for office, Governor Abbott is up for reelection in 2022. So I guess he has a year to think about it…

And aside from all this governor conversation, McConaughey also recently announced his “We’re Texas” virtual benefit concert featuring a TON of Texas’ most talented entertainers.

We’re talking Willie Nelson, George Strait, Post Malone, Gary Clark Jr., Miranda Lambert and more.

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