NBA “Beer Chugging Champ” Meyers Leonard Drops Anti-Semitic Slur During Twitch Stream

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Here we go again.

Even if you’re not familiar with the NBA, you may be familiar with Miami Heat reserve center Meyers Leonard.

During last year’s NBA bubble, the players started a shotgun challenge and Leonard emerged the beer chugging champ of the bubble, citing his being from “the sticks” as the reason for his chugging skills.

Leonard also made headlines when he was the only Heat player not to take a knee during the national anthem, a decision that he said was due to people like his brother in the military who fight for our country.

Well unfortunately, Leonard is back in the headlines again – and not for anything good this time.

Leonard, who has over 69,000 followers on his Twitch account, was caught dropping an anti-Semitic slur during a Call of Duty: Warzone livestream on his channel this week.

“Fucking cowards. Don’t fucking snipe me! You fucking k–e bitch.”

Shortly after dropping the slur, Leonard received a phone call which he claims was from his wife and quickly ended the stream.

A spokesman for the Miami Heat said after the video surfaced that the team was reviewing the video, and the NBA also condemned the language used by Leonard and said they were “in the process of gathering more information.”

In the meantime, Leonard has already lost his gaming sponsorship from computer company ORIGIN PC.

It’s a story that’s becoming all too familiar, with NASCAR driver Kyle Larson being fired from his team and suspended from the sport after dropping a racial slur on an iRacing livestream, and more recently Morgan Wallen getting caught dropping an n-bomb after a weekend bender.

It’s too early to know whether Leonard will face the same backlash that Larson and Wallen faced, but it seems like celebrities need to remember that in this day and age, just about everything they say or do could end up on video and ruin their careers.

Or maybe, you know… just don’t say racist things to begin with.


Meyers has since issued the following apology:

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