NBA Players Have Started A Shotgun Challenge In The Disney Bubble

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Bubble life is well underway in Orlando.

The NBA has officially reported to the Disney World bubble to get this season underway, and while LeBron James said it felt like he was headed to prison (he obviously hasn’t been to prison), other players are making the most of it.

We saw Josh Hart, Kyle Cover and more on the golf course.

You and me both, Josh. You and me both…

Ben Simmons, Kyle O’Quinn, and others out fishing, but it was Paul George that seemed to land the best catch.

But hands down, the best part of the bubble shenanigans is the shotgun challenge that’s brewing… no pun intended. And it’s only the beginning.

JJ Redick kicked things off after he posted a pic out on the golf course asking for retweets in exchange for a shotgun video. The fans obliged and here we are:

But then Meyers Leonard got into the mix and blew Redick out of the water… again, no pun intended.

Although, what the fuck kinda form is this? Turn the can around…

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And now Jordan Clarkson is in.

Stay tuned people… this is gonna be good.

Show ’em how it’s done Luke.

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