Burger King Tweets “Women Belong In The Kitchen” For International Women’s Day & OOF… It Did NOT Land

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Swing and a miss…

In an effort to bring attention to the disparity between men and women in the culinary industry on International Women’s Day, Burger King cooked up the idea to start their conversation with this:

“Women belong in the kitchen.”

Any idiot can figure out why that was a terrible, terrible idea…

The Burger King UK account immediately followed it up with an explanation of what they were doing, and how they were actually launching a scholarship program to help more women pursue careers in the culinary field, but we know how the internet works… the damage was done.

Burger King doubled down, defending the gimmick when it was suggested that they delete it.

But needless to say, Twitter was none too pleased with the approach, even if the ultimate goal was a positive one.

Can’t win ’em all… back to the marketing drawing board.

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