Metal Band With Viral Cover Of Garth Brooks’ “The Thunder Rolls” Releases Extended Version Featuring Extra Verse

Garth Brooks and metal… it just works.

And there is something about “The Thunder Rolls” in particular that metal artists seem to love.

If you remember a few years back, All That Remains released a pretty kick-ass cover of “The Thunder Rolls,” and then, the Michigan-based metal group State Of Mine has released their own version, featuring No Resolve.

It exploded, sending them to the top of the charts… which also put Garth Brooks and fellow “The Thunder Rolls” songwriter Pat Alger at the top of Billboard‘s Hard Rock Songwriters chart.

And now, State Of Mine is back with the extended version, once again featuring No Resolve, and also Brandon Davis.

Of course, the extended version that Garth released on his live album, Double Live features that extra verse… you know, the one that takes “The Thunder Rolls” from a cheating songs into a full blown murder ballad.

They also did Rascal Flatts’ “What Hurts The Most” a few years back.

And by the way, if you dig this stuff, DevilDriver teamed up with artists like Hank III, Lamb Of God, FEAR, and more for a outlaw country cover album titled Outlaws ‘Til The End.

The album featured covers of Johnny Cash, George Jones, Johnny Paycheck, Hank Jr., David Allan Coe and more.

And speaking of Garth, how about that whole Chris Gaines character? Who, according to his VH1 Behind The Music documentary, was a “rocker that liked fast cars, and even faster women.”

I think G needs to bring Gaines back… the world deserves more of this GOLD.

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