NASCAR Driver Ryan Ellis Trolls Nashville Predators By Asking Them For A Trade

Ryan Ellis wearing a helmet

This is Ryan Ellis.

He plays for the Nashville Predators.

(Look at that beard. Incredible).

This is also Ryan Ellis.

He’s a NASCAR driver who does NOT play for the Preds.

This evening, the Nashville Predators announced that THEIR Ryan Ellis has been placed on the injured reserve list and will be out 4-6 weeks with an upper body injury.

And Ryan Ellis had something to say about that.

Yes, that’s Ryan Ellis asking for a trade. But not the Ryan Ellis who plays for the Preds – despite the fact that he’s holding the Stanley Cup in his profile picture.

I’m sure you see where this was going.

Hockey fans (who may or may not be familiar with NASCAR driver Ryan Ellis) saw his “request” for a trade and, not realizing that it’s not the Ryan Ellis who has 9 points in 21 games for the Preds this season, understandably had a collective heart attack.

For his part, NASCAR Ryan Ellis seemed pretty amused with his work.

And being a Washington Capitals fan, he even knows exactly where he wants to be “traded.”

The Preds social media team, however, probably weren’t as amused.

Now as a Preds fan myself, I’ve got to admit I find the whole thing pretty amusing. (But I’m also a NASCAR fan so I’m familiar with the not-the-Preds Ryan Ellis). And let’s be honest, Preds fans haven’t had much to cheer for this season with the team currently sitting in 6th place in their division and two of their best players now on the sidelines.

So a little bit of humor in a tough season? I’m all for it.

Apparently some people just like to watch the world burn.

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