Blake Shelton Praises ‘The Voice’ Contestant’s “Triple Threat Mullet” After Impressive Keith Whitley Cover

Big. Mullet. Energy.

It’s starting to feel like the ’90s all over again with all these mullets coming back in country music.

A staple of the industry, there have always been great mullets in country music. In the ’90s we had the legendary mullets of Billy Ray Cyrus, Tracy Lawrence, Travis Tritt and Joe Diffie. Then came Blake Shelton and his majestic mullet in the 2000s. But the mullet fell off for awhile, before guys like Morgan Wallen and Midland’s Mark Wystrach picked up the mullet crown for country music.

Then last year, Blake announced that he was bringing his mullet back too, and even showed off his “quarantine mullet” courtesy of his fiancée Gwen Stefani.

Well now we might have to add Kenzie Wheeler to the list of great mullets in country music.

On last night’s season premiere of “The Voice,” the 22-year old from Dover, Florida, impressed all four judges with his performance of Keith Whitley’s “Don’t Close Your Eyes.”

But he impressed judge Blake Shelton even more with his mullet.

Blake had high praise for Wheeler’s mullet, pointing out to his fellow judges that it was the rare “triple threat mullet.”

You’ve got the party in the back, the shaved sides, and, according to Blake, the “rare widow’s peak.” What more could you ask for in a mullet?

And it’s not just his big mullet energy that impressed the judges: Wheeler’s knockout performance of Whitley’s country classic triggered an intense bidding war from the judges, with Kelly Clarkson using her block on Blake to keep him from swiping up Wheeler.

The move paid off and Clarkson added some big mullet energy to her team, which you’ve gotta think means she’s an early favorite to win the entire season.

I mean, how can you bet against a mullet like that?

Does a pretty damn good George Strait too.

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