Can We Talk About Mark Wystrach’s Big Mullet Energy Right Now?

Mark Wystrach with long hair

The mullet is fucking BACK people.

We’re all familiar with Morgan Wallen’s glorious mullet and the Big Mullet Energy (BME for short) that it exudes, but can we stop and talk about Midland frontman Mark Wystrach for a minute?

I mean, look at this beautiful work of art, so perfectly draped atop his head. We got the perfect amount of curl extending below the ears, resting comfortably on the shoulder and hugging the back of his neck like a baby squirrel. As we work our way up the sides, we see a good amount of ear coverage and than as we approach the majestic peak, we got a little bit of that feather action, something right out of the Joe Diffie playbook. Absolutely fucking glorious. 10 out of 10. Not to mention that top-notch lady tickler he’s got resting there on the upper lip, but that’s a conversation for another time.

But like we said before, with great mullet comes great responsibility and just because your mullet is a perfect 10 like Mark’s here, that doesn’t mean you have the patented Big Mullet Energy that we’re looking for. You need that x-factor, that something extra, that confidence, swagger, and demeanor, that mother fucking BIG MULLET ENERGY that can only come from having a kickass mullet and knowing how to tap into, and wield, the power that comes with it.

And right now, Mark Wystrach, like Billy Ray Cyrus before him, is putting on a BME clinic.

Exhibit A: Midland’s new live performance video of “Mr. Lonely.”

That’s straight up, unapologetic, zero fucks given, BIG. MULLET. ENERGY.

With that, ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you to the newest member of the 2019 class, First Team All-BME:

Mr. Mark Wystrach

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What question do you think we were just asked?

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Thanks @robbysphotos for the headshots.

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BottleRock ???? (????@rollingstone)

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