Texas Semi-Truck Hits Freight Train Carrying Gasoline And Guess What? It Blew Up…

Rough go in Texas lately…

The worst winter storm in 70 years freezes nearly the whole damn state and when the weather finally takes a turn towards normal, you go and get your truck hit by a freight train… life kinda sucks sometimes, huh?

According to USA Today, a semi-truck driver crashed into the side of a freight train about a 100 miles south of Dallas on Tuesday, and… uh… you’ll never guess what the train was hauling….

Coal and gasoline. The train was carrying coal and gasoline….


A barn burned down and some homes nearby suffered heat damage, however nobody was injured in the blast. According to the Cameron Herald, first responders were able to clear the area before the massive explosion occurred.

“We got out here and there was lots of fire and smoke. We started to evacuate residents and were here when the tanks started to pop. It was a pretty good mess, but luckily no one was injured or killed due to the help from our first responders.”

The investigation revealed that the crossing arms had been down and that another car was waiting for the train. The driver, for whatever reason, didn’t see the car, the lights, or the train on the tracks, and swerved to miss hitting the car that was stopped.

But in avoiding the car, he smacked right into the side of the train.

“At the last minute he tried to avoid a collision with the car that was stopped and went around it and struck the side of one of the train cars and it deflected his vehicle away from the train. Fortunately everyone was able to escape before the explosion. The case is still open and active.”

Everything is bigger in Texas, eh?

Here’s more footage of the aftermath:

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock