Justin Thomas And Rory McIlroy Each Get 50 Shots To Make A Hole In One… And Yeah, It’s HARD

Let’s be real… golf is an insanely difficult sport.

As somebody who has played multiple sports, I’ve never played a sport that’s more humbling, agonizing, joyful, and difficult than golf.

It’s really tough to hit a good golf shot, but what’s even harder is hitting a perfect golf shot… aka a hole in one.

A hole in one is when a golfer hits a ball and it goes in the hole with only one swing (duh) and according to the American Hole’n One blog, the average golfer has about 12,500 to 1 odds of ever making a hole in one. Even a Tour pro’s chances of making a hole-in-one are roughly 2,500 to 1, so the odds of this actually happening aren’t good.

So, let’s leave it to the professionals…

PGA Tour golfers Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy took the opportunity to do impossible: Make a hole in one in only 50 attempts.

50 shots? You’re first thought is, “ehhh maybe I could do that.” But no… no you can’t.

They laugh, they cry, get a little heated, tomahawk a golf club or two…. we even hear Justin Thomas say to himself, “you SUCK Justin.”

But really, it’s almost painful seeing how close they get to making a hole in one. They come within inches of going in the hole on multiple occasions, but both Thomas and McIlroy just couldn’t quite get it done.

Also keep in mind… these are two of the top golfers on the PLANET. I guess the Golf Gods just weren’t feeling very generous today…

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