Ashley Monroe Announces New Album ‘Rosegold,” Releases Lead Single “Drive”

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FINALLY. The wait is over.

Ashley Monroe announced she has a new album due out April 30th called Rosegold, and she just released the first single, “Drive.”

It’s psychedelic, sexy and pretty pop sounding, compared to what we’re used to seeing from Ashley. It remains to be seen if she might be changing up her sound a bit for this one.

Known for her distinctively country sound, it’s her first studio album in three years since she released Sparrow in 2018.

“The last couple of years I started hearing specific melodies I could not deny. They were heavenly, lush, and the melodies even brought me to tears while writing. It felt like the fire of love. I also started paying attention to music that gave me chills every time I listen.

I’ve always loved sad songs (and still do) and I’m good at writing those because I’ve had a lot of sad in my life, but The Spirit told me to hold on to love this time, amplify it, harmonize with it, freeze it, and hopefully, make other people feel it as well. I hope you do.”

We’ll see what Ashley’s got up her sleeve, but either way I can’t wait.

She’s easily one of the most underrated artists in country music.

Rosegold Tracklist:

1. Siren
2. Silk
3. Gold
4. See
5. Drive
6. Flying
7. Groove
8. Til It Breaks
9. I Mean It
10. The New Me

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