Kip Moore Should Absolutely Rerelease “Crazy One More Time” As A Single

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If you’re a fan of Kip Moore, you already know “Crazy One More Time” is one of his best-kept secrets.

Full of nostalgia, regret, longing and desire, it has all the makings of a timeless country song, one that has already stood the test of time.

From his 2012 debut album, Up All Night, “Crazy One More Time” was written by Kip Moore with help from Aimee Mayo and Chris Lindsey. And while it was never released as a single, now, nearly 10 years later might just be the time to do it.

In fact, back at the beginning of quarantine, Kip even said that he wanted to re-record it and release it as a single after he finished Wild World.

Singing lines of poetry with his gravely, gritty voice, he opens with a tempting proposition:

“Come on out Mary Jane
I’m looking through your window pane
I heard the word, you’re back in town
I’ve got some cheap cigarettes, your favorite beer,
Girl wear the dress I always dream about, oh.”

It’s searingly honest, with gripping lyrics like this throughout the entire song:

“I guess I’ll always have this longing in my heart,
and you’ll have a piece of me.
But tonight there’s a fire to start in our red, burning hearts
and you’re all that I’ll ever need.”

The heart of it cuts to the wistful mystique of a person with whom your connection never seems to fade, no matter how much time has gone by. He narrates the daydream of what it would be like to have one last ride with a person from a long-gone relationship in a beautiful and alluring way.

Much like the story in the song, every time his fans hear it, those nostalgic feelings come flooding back so effortlessly. Which is exactly why Kip needs to rerelease this song as a single. Now that we’re on the heels of his Wild World deluxe album, which included “Midnight Slow Dance,” another old fan-favorite, it’s time to do the same with “Crazy One More Time.”

Maybe he’ll release this one soon, maybe it’ll be the lead single for the next album. He’s already said that he’s been working on a new project during quarantine that no one’s heard yet, so… fingers crossed.

Without further ado, here’s a recent acoustic performance:

And of course, the original album version.

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