Kip Moore Sounds Off After Nashville’s Iconic Exit/In Property Goes Up For Sale: “We Can’t Stay This Way Much Longer”

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Nashville’s legendary venue Exit/In property is officially up for sale.

It’s no surprise that music venues are struggling, hell the entire entertainment industry is suffering the effects of COVID. A while back, a survey conducted by the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) found that 90% of independent music venues won’t survive the pandemic if they don’t receive federal funding soon.

They did receive federal funding, but for many venues, it just won’t be enough to stop the bleeding. And with no clear return in sight, some venues have closed their doors permanently, or properties have been forced to sell… like Nashville’s iconic Exit/In.

According to Nashville Scene, the property is now up for sale, however all hope might not be lost. Club owner Chris Cobb and his wife Telisha Cobb, are now trying to buy it themselves with the help of Grubb Properties. Grubb has launched a program called the “Live Venue Recovery Fund” to help venue owners buy properties that their venues are on.

They will be making a bid, however, if the property is sold to a different developer, it could mean the end of the historic venue.

Kip Moore recently featured Exit/In and owner Chris Cobb in his “Don’t Go Changing” music, spotlighting the need for independent music venues to get some help.

Which is why the news of a sale hurts so bad.

In a new Instagram post, Kip called for something to be done. And while he might not have the foolproof answer either, the clock is running out.

“This one hurt. Legendary spot about to be a damn smoothie king before we blink.

I’ve never claimed to have the answers. Honestly, I get really pissed when people are self righteous in their convictions of how it should be (whether locked down or back open). Whichever way you feel, there’s an adverse effect and we are ALL navigating this for the first time.

What I do know is we can’t stay this way much longer or it’ll all be gone and I’m not just talking music venues. We threw a rock in the pond a year ago….that ripple hasn’t really even hit us yet but it’s gonna be a tidal wave when it does. Hearts out to everyone losing their businesses, livelihood, etc…this one hurt to see.”

“Don’t Go Changing”

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