NBA Responds To Mark Cuban Canceling National Anthem: “All Teams Will Play The National Anthem”

Mark Cuban in a sports jersey
Hector Vivas/Getty Images

The NBA has spoken.

Social media had a lot to say today after Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban made the decision not to play the national anthem at the team’s home games this season.

While some praised the decision, and even went as far as to say that the anthem shouldn’t be played at ANY sporting events, others called the move “outrageous” and “sickening.”

The Lieutenant Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick, even went as far as to call on Cuban to sell the team.

Well the NBA has finally responded to the uproar, issuing a short one-sentence statement assuring fans that the anthem will indeed be played by all teams:

“With NBA teams now in the process of welcoming fans back into their arenas, all teams will play the national anthem in keeping with longstanding league policy.”


It doesn’t sound like Cuban consulted with the league before making the decision to stop playing the national anthem, and it doesn’t sound like the NBA supports the decision or is going to allow it to continue going forward.

So what’s going to happen next? Will Cuban create a standoff with the NBA and continue to refuse to play the anthem, or will he abide by the league’s rules and reinstate the practice before Mavericks games? According to the New York Times, Cuban is “good with it.”

Either way, I’m sure we haven’t heard the end of this controversy. But regardless, there’s at least one person who’s pretty happy with the NBA’s statement: Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick.

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