Joshua Ray Walker Releases Insanely Good Acoustic Performance Of “Voices”

Melissa Payne

If you’re still sleeping on Joshua Ray Walker, it’s time to wake the hell up.

A rising star our of Dallas, Texas, Joshua Ray Walker’s Glad You Made It was easily one of our favorite albums of 2020, and his song “Voices” might be one of the best songs we’ve heard in years. Yeah, I said YEARS…

I mean, just listen to this first verse and try and tell me that this isn’t the epitome of painfully honest and vulnerable country music songwriting right there.

“I’d stare at my reflection through bottles behind the bar
I didn’t know hate could feel this good behind the wheel of a car
Might put this truck in neutral, let roll into the lake
But first I’ll finish off this bottle so it looks like a mistake.”

Not to mention, Josh sings his ass off on the song…

But the good news is that Josh will be performing a virtual acoustic show TONIGHT, recorded live from Mercury Lounge in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

High definition, multiple camera angles, we’re talking about a top-notch production here. The show kicks off at 8pm CT and tickets can be purchased HERE. Ticket buyers will get to watch the show for 5 days after initial airing and merch will also be available as well.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect, a killer performance of the aforementioned “Voices.”


And just for fun, how about an acoustic cover of Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello.”


This past fall, Josh joined us to discuss making music in light of COVID, drive-in shows, making money on Spotify and other streaming services, writing songs that resonate, boat show girls, Cody Jinks selling out Red Rocks, ’90s country music, and more.

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A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock