BREAKING: Eric Church To Release THREE Albums In April – ‘Heart & Soul’

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And I just wanna say… called it.

Back in August, we explored the possibility of Eric Church making a double albumand the revisited the idea about a month ago, but with the notion that we were probably looking at some kind of triple album. Based on the songs he released, based on the colors of the album art, based on things he’s said in interview… all signs were pointing to the strong possibility of a triple album.

And now, we have CONFIRMATION.

Eric was planning to break the news on an upcoming episode of his Outsiders Radio Show, however, the details on the upcoming project have since been leaked on his website by mistake. The interwebs got a hold of it, and now… the cat is out of the bag.

That being said, here’s the message from Eric.

“If you haven’t heard by now, we just announced some big news to start off the new year.  It’s an announcement I’ve been waiting a long time to make: I will have THREE ALBUMS coming out in April.

That is the first song on the first of three new albums that I’ll have comin’ out in April.  Album 1 is titled ‘Heart,’ and will be released on April 16th.  The album features 9 songs including ‘Stick That In Your Country Song,’ ‘Crazyland,’ and the song you just heard: Heart On Fire. 

The THIRD is called ‘Soul,’ and it’ll be released on April 23rd.  We’ll tell you about the second one later.  But the ‘Soul’ album is where you’ll find the current single ‘Hell Of a View,’ and it ends with this song, titled ‘Lynyrd Skynyrd Jones.’

In between those two will be a special album we call “&.”  It will be available on white vinyl for Church Choir members only on April 20th.  The three albums together will be ‘Heart’ ‘&’ ‘Soul,’ with a total of 25 songs.  The middle album has a couple songs you’ve already heard: ‘Through My Ray Bans’ and ‘Doin’ Life With Me.’  We’ll reveal more news about the album in the coming months.”

Excuse me while I go have a heart attack…

THREE albums, TWENTY-FIVE songs and a limited-edition vinyl for the Church Choir members (if you’re not a member, now might be a good time to join).

More details should be emerging soon… stay tuned. But in the meantime…


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