20 Cody Jinks Songs That Should Be On Everybody’s Playlist

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One could make a very strong case that Cody Jinks belongs on the Mount Rushmore of independent country music.

The Haltom City, Texas native grew up on country music, but also played in a heavy metal band before deciding to make a career as a country musician. An esteemed songwriter and captivating performer, Jinks has developed one of the most devout followings in all of music by getting out on the road and earning them with his band the Tonedeaf Hippies.

With a sound that has been comparable to that of all time greats like Waylon Jennings, Jinks’ deft lyricism is accompanied by his powerful vocals and rocking band. Boasting a deep catalogue of great music, including his most recent release, Red Rocks Live album, he also has the Gold-Certified “Hippies & Cowboys,” and the now Platinum-Certified “Loud & Heavy,” a feat that only a couple independent country artists have accomplished.

A true country music outlaw, Jinks has built his empire independently and with no concern for what the mainstream will think of him. An artist who truly just cares about the music, he has found popularity not because he sought it out, but because so many people connect with the art he creates.

So with that being said, here are 20 of my favorites from one of the best in the business:

20. “The Plea” – The Wanting (2019)

19. “Johnny” – Blacksheep (2013)

18. “Cast No Stones” – Adobe Sessions (2015)

17. “Somewhere Between I Love You and I’m Leaving” – Lifers (2018)

16. “The Raven And The Dove” – The Wanting (2019)

15. “No Words” – 30 (2012)

14. “Lifers” – Lifers (2018)

13. “Ain’t A Train” – After the Fire (2019)

12.“Somewhere in the Middle” – Less Wise (2010)

11. “We Get By” – 30 (2012)

10. “David” – Adobe Sessions (2015)

“David” tells a great story in which two old friends take two very different paths for their lives, and end up reuniting in a tragic manner.

9. “William and Wanda” – After the Fire (2019)

Inspired by his late grandparents, Jinks wrote “William and Wanda” with the help of his wife, Rebecca. On his website, Jinks said, “I knew I had to write a song about how my nanny probably fussed at him for being late to heaven.” He also adds that the song is “celebrating a sixty-year love story told by two people building their own.”

“I haven’t been worried so much as I’ve been anxious
I’ve been sad but there’s reason in the rhyme
And I’ve done a lot of crying, that’s something just happens
I just hoped I’d make it up here some sweet time”

8. “Must Be the Whiskey” – Lifers (2018)

7. “I’m Not the Devil” – I’m Not the Devil (2016)

6. “Give All You Can” – I’m Not the Devil (2016)

5. “Loud and Heavy” – Adobe Sessions (2015)

His most streamed song, Jinks explains in the video below how he wrote this one with a little help from his son.

4. “Mamma Song” – Adobe Sessions (2015)

3. “Loveletters and Cigarettes” – Less Wise (2010)

“Love letters and cigarettes
It’s been three years and I can’t forget
And wrap this chain around my neck for good
I memorized every word you wrote
And each night they go up in smoke
And I’m gonna die, or I’m gonna choke it’s true
I’m still not done with you
Oh no I’m still not done with you”

2. “Fast Hand” – Blacksheep – EP (2013)

“Never meant to be a bad man, I just had a fast hand”

One of the best lines in all of country music.

1. “Hippies and Cowboys” – Less Wise (2010)

Out of all of Cody Jinks’ extraordinary songs, this one definitely takes the cake. Mainstream country music is headed in a rough direction, but thank God there are artists out there like Jinks who care more about making good music than the trends or popularity.

“Raising hell with the hippies and the cowboys
They don’t care about no trends
They don’t care about songs that sell
Yeah, tomorrow I’ll be gone
So tonight everybody just sing along
Raising hell with the hippies and the cowboys”

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