Waylon & Willie’s “If I Can Find A Clean Shirt” Music Video Is Solid Country Gold

Find me a better bromance in country music history than Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, I’ll wait.

The two teamed up in the 1970’s to produce Wanted! The Outlaws, the first country album to ever go certified platinum and the rest is history.

Two years later, in 1978 they also released Waylon & Willie which featured the iconic “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys”. These two were pioneers and arguably two of the most important artists to push outlaw country.

While many know them for their duos in the 70’s and time in The Highwaymen in the 80’s, one of their most electric performances came in the 90’s in the form of a music video. In 1991, the two released an album Clean Shirt.

The title track, “If I Can Find A Clean Shirt” yielded this legendary 90’s country music videos:

The video opens with some epic banter that would give Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett a run for their money about selling Waylon’s horse. Through the course of the video, Waylon is trying to cheat in a game of cards.

In classic Willie fashion, he gets distracted by a beautiful woman and leaves his buddy out to dry. Once the guys playing cards get wise, Waylon tries to boogie out of there and he gets some guns pulled on him, but out of nowhere Willie comes back to save the day.

The two escape on a story made up by Willie about “Black Bart” (Waylon) doing something unthinkable to his mother and sisters and we get another round of banter before the video comes to a close.

Amazing. Just a couple of country legends doing the damn thing in their mid 50’s having the time of their lives.

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