Youth Football Coach Looking At Charges After Smacking The Mess Out Of 9-Year-Old Player

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Welp, that didn’t take long…

A Georgia youth football coach is now in legal trouble after video surfaced of him violently smacking one of his players. And sure, tough coaches have been around forever, but this guy makes Bobby Knight look like a kitten. Oh, and the kid? Yeah, he was NINE YEARS OLD.

According to ESPN, the incident happened on Monday at the 2020 American Youth Football National Championships in Kissimmee, Florida. Savannah Gators coach Gerrell Williams is seen slapping the child in the helmet, and then hitting him a second time, knocking him to the ground.

The video caught the outrage of people across the country, and even LeBron James chimed in saying that, even if it wasn’t his kid, this coach would be catching some hands if he happened to be on the sideline.

Shannon Sharpe as well:

And now, despite the fact that the kid’s parents declined to press charges, the State of Florida is doing it anyway.

“The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office along with our local state attorney’s office have reviewed this case and the decision has been made that charges for child abuse will be filed, regardless of parent’s decision not to press charges. The actions of this person are despicable and there is zero tolerance when it comes to the abuse of a child.”

He has since issued an apology but not before he was fired from the team, and his job. And here’s the kicker… the guy worked for the County Sheriff’s Department as a COUNSELOR.

Counseling? This guy? Dafuq?

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