Man Dresses Up As Buddy The Elf To Meet Biological Father For First Time… Dad Never Saw The Movie

Fortune favors the bold.

Maine resident Doug Henning was adopted into a wonderful family, but now in his forties, with a wife and two kids of his own, he started wondering about his biological parents.

A few searches through and he was able to locate his biological sisters and his biological dad, who didn’t even know his son existed.

After a few calls on Zoom and a COVID test, it was time to finally meet. But Doug wasn’t about to walk up and just say “hi,” he had something better in mind.

And unfortunately, Doug’s father Raul has never seen the movie.

“When he came out of the airport, he probably thought I was a lunatic… It was a really good way to break the ice. We ultimately sat down as a family and watched the movie.”

And while Doug received a much warmer welcome than Buddy the Elf did, he’s just glad the story is brining people some Christmas cheer during a tough holiday season.

“I’m just glad it was able to bring people some happiness.”

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