Wild Brawl Breaks Out At Nashville Rooftop Bar (LA Jackson) Over Elevator Etiquette

A group of people standing in a hallway

Smashville is BACK.

Just not at Bridgestone Arena…

This brawl comes to us from the elevators of LA Jackson, a popular rooftop bar on top of the Thompson Nashville hotel.

It’s the kind of place where wannabe influencers and hordes of bachelorettes go to take pictures of the foo-foo, overpriced cocktails with the caption “Nashville ain’t ready for us.” Trust me, it’s very ready for you…

The video, posted to Reddit by user IonZero, shows a knock-down, drag out fight breaking out between two groups that were apparently waiting for an elevator. According to the original poster, the tall man in the button-up shirt was waiting for the elevator with the woman at the center of all this when the other group of dudes (affectionately referred to as “the three douches” by the original poster) pushed past them to take the elevator for themselves (remember, we’re in a pandemic so many elevators have capacity limits these days).

The woman was trying to stand her ground when one of the guys who had just taken her elevator started kicking her, and from there, it was on.

A good old fashioned three-on-one slugfest.

At least they started with masks on. from PublicFreakout

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You’ve got punches being thrown from all sides, the original woman screaming bloody murder, two of the three aforementioned “douches” are leaking like a sieve (at one point the guy taking the video asks if somebody has been stabbed), and a couple people trying (and failing) to defuse the entire situation.

And by the end of the video, both sides get into separate elevators and leave behind nothing but a bloody hallway and a group of shocked onlookers trying to figure out what the hell just happened.

Now, this was happening as the bars in Nashville were closing, so it’s probably safe to assume that everybody was a little liquored up – but keep in mind that bars in Nashville have to close by 11 PM now, so it’s not like this was some 3 AM slugfest at Cook Out.

But hey, at least everybody was wearing a mask… right?

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