Carrie Underwood Fans Are PISSED She Did A Christmas Duet With “Raging Leftist” John Legend, Sound Off On Social Media

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Not gonna lie, when I saw Carrie and John and the title “Hallelujah,” I thought they were talking a run at the Leonard Cohen classic from 1984.

It’s not…

Written by John himself, along with Toby Gad, the new holiday original appears on Carrie’s new Christmas album, My Gift. John will also join Carrie for a special performance of “Hallelujah” during Carries upcoming Christmas special, My Gift: A Christmas Special From Carrie Underwood, on December 3rd.

They also teamed up on a new music video for the song.

So what’s the problem?

Well, some of Carrie’s fans are NOT happy about her choice of singing partner… John Legend.

Carrie shared the new song on all of her social including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and many of the comments across every platform were less than friendly. Here’s a quick snippet of just some of those comments:

“Absolutely love your music Carrie, but this is a Hard Pass for me with John Legend on board.”

“Carrie can’t believe you would cut with legend he’s partners with Antifa.”

“Sorry, can’t do Legend. Nope. Nope.”

“Super disappointed.. as a claimed follower of Christ.. you collaborate with an antichrist.”

“You are sweet but unfortunately since John Legend is on it with you , I won’t be listening.”

“Hmmm not a fan of John Legend very anti-American.”

“You should have thought thru who you made this song with. Error in judgement for sure. Keep your values.”

“No thanks, I despise that guy and his wife. I love Carrie though!”

“How can John Legend sing a song that says let there be peace on earth when him and his wife was filmed protesting and yelling “eff Donald Trump!” That doesn’t sound peaceful to me regardless of what your views are.”

“Carrie I’m your biggest fan… I am sorry I am skipping this song due to the racist remarks John and his wife have made against our President. Sorry!”

“Ugh. He’s an awful person. It sucks she did a song with him.”

“Carrie you are amazing… John used to be my favorite until he spewed hate on our President! I can’t even listen to this.”

“This is a hard pass. Legend is a raging Leftist who hates the country that gave him everything.”

And it goes on and on and on like that…

Of course, plenty of fans loved it as well, but it’s just the latest example of politics coming between an artist and their fans this year. John and his wife Chrissy Teigen have been vehement opponents of President Trump, resulting in public Twitter exchanges like this:

And while Carrie has never personally been vocal about her political beliefs, her husband Mike Fisher recently joined folks like Candace Owens and Tomi Lahren, commenting on Jay Cutler’s since-deleted Republican meme about the election results, leading people to believe he was a Trump supporter.

But like I said, this isn’t out of the ordinary this year.

Recently, we’ve seen fans call for a boycott on Chris Stapleton regarding his comment that the lives of black people matter, a statement he still doesn’t regret. We saw Tyler Childers receive backlash for his song “Long Violent History,” and Garth Brooks got dragged twice for political beliefs he didn’t even have. He wore a BARRY Sanders jersey during a show in Detroit which folks confused for Bernie, and then a Health Department Coronavirus PSA (that he declined to do) had people accusing him of being of Trump supporter.

That being said, remember folks: It’ OK To Love An Artist’s Music and Disagree With Their Politics.

2020 rolls on…

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