“Karen” Flips Out Over Costco’s Mask Policy While Her Child Growls Like A Demon At Employees

Karen videos are pretty much dime a dozen these days.

At the beginning of this pandemic mess, it was fun to watch someone lose their mind inside of Walmart over the store’s mask policy, and sometimes, it was just a confrontation with fellow customers that gave you a “shake my head” kind of laugh. But now, it’s become all too uncommon, and just another sad reminder of where we are at as a society right now.

And yet, they can still occasionally be funny. We have another incident here, this time at an unidentified Costco location, but she isn’t your run of the mill Karen. No, she’s trained her son…

“You don’t get to behave this way,” the employee tries to explain to Karen. “I can’t treat you that way, you can’t treat us this way. You don’t need to be using that language in front of anyone’s children or adults.”

Great explanation from the very patient employees. You know, it’s the kind of thing kindergarten teachers tell their students about respect and behavior. And in a shocking turn of events, Karen actually has her mask on for the conversation.

But within seconds, it all goes out the window when little Damien here lunges forward and snarls at the staff like some kind of demon-possessed, Antichrist, spawn of Satan in the 1976 horror film The Omen. Not to mention, he has his entire neck gaiter pulled up over his face. I don’t care who you are… it’s creepy.

Karen start throwing out some CDC stats, completely ignoring the fact that the CDC recommends you wear a mask in grocery stores, and ultimately leaves the store shouting the rest of the “sheep” that are “complying.”

But back to the kid…. what the hell was that?

He’s gonna grow up to be this guy… what a shame.

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