Dad Screams “I’ll Beat That Mask Off Your Face” As Embarrassed Son Physically Carries Him Out Of Store

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Here we go again…


This gem comes to us out of Tuscon, Arizona, at the local Sprouts Supermarket of all places.

The video picks up in the middle of your standard mask confrontation, I mean, you know the deal by now: store employee says “hey dude, you gotta wear a mask in the store” and then middle-aged, unathletic dad (who ironically dresses in Walmart athletic wear) starts screaming that everybody is a pussy and that’ll he’ll fight the whole store.

You’ve seen it dozens of time, but this particular instance we have the youngest son (clearly the bright one of the family) who literally picks up dad in a bear hug and carries his pops right out of the store.

Props to the other two brothers for standing their with their tails between their legs.

But this might be my favorite part of the entire thing…

Just look at the sign as the son is carrying his ridiculous excuse for an old man right out of the store…

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“So good to see you!”

HAHAHAHAHAHA…. that’s a lie.

Imagine getting picked up and carried out of a damn grocery store by your youngest son because you are so damn embarrassing that he has no other choice but to pick you up and take you like the big baby that you are.

And the cherry on top?

The one son (the one in blue who yells “shut up bitch”) and almost looks like he could go for a nice supermarket family brawl, tells a store employee “you started this,” as his little brother carries their father out of the store.

Isn’t that rich?

Anybody else done with people…

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