Mask Police Go Bonkers On Jason Aldean After Family Removes Masks For Quick Disney World Photo

Jason Aldean, Nicolette Fernandes et al. posing for a photo

The mask police are working overtime lately.

And I’m not saying don’t wear a mask, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the kind of comments Jason Aldean is getting right now.

This past weekend, Jason Aldean spent the day at Disney World with his family. The Orlando-based theme park requires you to wear a face mask at all times unless you’re eating or drinking (like most public places do these days), but Jason and his family took theirs off for a second to snap a quick picture.

“Perfect day with my whole crew today at Walt Disney World. There is nothing like seeing your kids faces when u walk in that place. (Had mask on ALLLLLLL DAAAAAAAYY except when we took this pic).”

And all hell broke loose in the comments section:

“Great picture…but there is a mask rule for a reason. Disappointing. Be better please.”

“Thinking the rules don’t apply to you isn’t a cute look Jason Aldean.”


“Wow, glad you have absolutely zero regard for Cast Members and Disney rules. Not a good look bud.”

“Where’s the masks? I’m tired of you celebrities getting by with what we normal folks are forced to do.”

“Nice privilege.”

“Can’t follow the rules don’t go to the parks. You aren’t above the rules.”

And it went on and on an on like that…

** Most importantly, Jason and his wife specified that they wore their masks the entire time except for the 3 seconds it took to take this picture – you can clearly see his daughter Kendyl holding hers in her hand.

Although, they also saw their fair share of eyerolls at all these mask shamers. One employee of Disney even commented:

“I work for Disney and so happy you and your family had a wonderful vacation!”

2020 man… can’t even take a picture with your family outside at Disney World without hearing it from everybody and their mother.

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