Carly Pearce Calls Out The Revolving Door Of Douchebags In New “Next Girl” Video

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Props to Carly Pearce and the team (director Seth Kupersmith) on the new music video for her single, “Next Girl.”

A job WELL done portraying the revolving door of douchebags one might find at a Nashville bar. Those outfits are spot on.

“This video was so fun to make! I feel like most of us have either been on the receiving end of these ridiculous advances or have witnessed them,” Carly shared.

“And while I truly hope the lyrics help the ‘next girl’ know that a jerk’s actions are not her fault, I also wanted to mix some of the often experienced pick-up techniques with a little humor. Come on, do these really work?!”

Check it out.

A couple weeks back Carly joined us on the podcast and gave some insight (and confirmation) about this song’s meaning.

Don’t miss it.