5 Country Collabs You Didn’t Know You Needed

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There’s nothing quite like when your favorite musicians team up together to drop a banger of a song. We’re talking Waylon and Willie, Tyler Childers and Colter Wall, or even guilty pleasures like Kenny Chesney and Uncle Kracker (don’t act like you don’t know every word to “When The Sun Goes Down”).

While there’s been some great collabs over the years, there’s some that have yet to happen that absolutely should. Let’s take a look at five collabs that you didn’t know you needed.

Sturgill Simpson and Post Malone

Normally, I’m usually not someone who likes when “rappers” get involved in country music (see Florida Georgia Line and Nelly’s ‘Cruise’ for example) but to paint Post Malone as just “rapper” is a huge disservice to his musical talent. Did you see the Nirvana concert?

And Posty has paid homage to country music in the past. Here he is with country legend Dwight Yoakam covering Merle Haggard’s “The Bottle Let Me Down.”

So why Sturgill? Well, during his time in quarantine Stu recorded himself singing Post Malone’s hit song “Sunflower,” and added that he would love to produce a Post Malone album. Teaming up would be awesome way for both of them to show off the range of their musical abilities.

I’m thinking if we get them on a stage doing a country/bluegrass version of “Circles” that would be awesome, or perhaps we can get Post out there for “Turtles All The Way Down” to sing about some LSD trips.

*Sidenote: Koe Wetzel would also be a prime candidate for a Post Malone collab. His cover of “Feeling Whitney” is legit.

Parker McCollum and John Mayer

If you follow the Texas scene then you’re familiar with rising star Parker McCollum. McCollum just dropped his EP, Hollywood Gold but selfishly, I already want more from Parker.

I’d love to see him team up with one of his all-time favorite artists, John Mayer. Time and time again Parker has referenced George Strait and John Mayer as two of his biggest inspirations.

Plus let’s be honest, the swooning that would happen with Mayer and McCollum on the stage together singing along to “I Can’t Breathe” would be a sight to see.

Evan Felker and Jason Isbell

This time I’m staying exclusively in the country music world with Felker and Isbell. Without a doubt both are widely considered two of the best songwriters of this generation, and for good reason.

With Felker’s recently found sobriety, I would love to hear the two of them get together for a rendition of “Cover Me Up”.

“Cover Me Up” was released on Isbell’s Southeastern album (arguably his best work), which came after his newfound sobriety. I think many are looking for a Southeastern-like record out of Felker, myself included, when he finally gets back to making music. But to see them on the stage together would be like a symbolic passing of the torch from Isbell to Felker.

Jon Pardi and George Strait

In August, Jon Pardi dropped a surprise album that included some George Strait covers. In a lot of ways, Pardi’s sound is very reminiscent of King George so the fit is definitely there.

His rendition of “Marina Del Rey,” originally recorded by Strait in 1982, was one that jumped off the page to me on the latest record, but he’s also done of “Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her,” and “You Look So Good In Love.” 

Is it too much to ask to get them both on the stage for a version of this, or maybe if we’re really lucky a duet on “Amarillo By Morning.” Hey, a guy can dream right?

Margo Price and Stevie Nicks

I’ve said this for a while now, but Margo Price’s voice reminds me of Stevie Nicks. Both are extremely talented and to see them share the stage together would be a dream come true.

Maybe it’s the viral “Dreams” TikTok that has Fleetwood Mac on the mind but there’s no way you can’t tell me that a Margo and Stevie rendition of Dreams wouldn’t go HARD.

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