Parker McCollum Drops ‘Hollywood Gold’ EP Featuring “Hallie Ray Light” & More

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Droppin’ that GOLD.

The Limestone Kid dropped his first major label project today, and just as we expected, he’s firmly cemented himself as one of the most promising young stars in this business.

Titled Hollywood Gold, the name of the new project was inspired by an Australian race horse that Parker’s grandfather owned back in the day. Shortly after purchasing the horse, it was stolen and his grandfather spent months looking for it until he finally found it, but as his grandmother was telling him the story one day, he thought it would be the perfect name for an album.

“To say I’m excited for my fans to listen to this new project, ‘Hollywood Gold,’ is an understatement. I’m always striving to become a better songwriter and I feel like my songwriting on this EP is some of my best to date.”

In addition to the previously released lead single “Pretty Heart,” the Chris Stapleton-penned “Like A Cowboy” and “Young Man’s Blues,” the EP features fan favorite “Hallie Ray Light,” “Hold Me Back,” and another new one titled “Love You Like That.”

“Hallie Ray Light”

“Hold Me Back”

“Love You Like That”

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