Redneck Dad Delivers All-Time BEAT DOWN Of Creep Who Exposed Himself Towards His Children, Wife

Welp, that didn’t last long.

What happens when a creep flashes his junk at a man and his family vacationing in Idaho?

A good ol’ fashioned and well-deserved whoopin’.

Taken in 2017, the video shows a guy with his shorts undone coming towards a father who is filming the approach. The dad proceeds to deliver a kick to the nuts with textbook precision, followed by a barrage of vicious right hands that dropped the guy and left him in a daze.

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The son of the dad shared the video on YouTube said the following:

“We were on vacation in Idaho and we went to Shoshone Falls Park then some guy was making a fool of him self, threatened to push this one couple off the edge. Then he started to scream about something, but he was hard to understand. So my dad told him to shut up. It took off quickly. The guy came at him with his, well you know what hanging out and saying “suck it.” Well my dad didn’t like him that close with his penis out and my sisters were there so he then did the beat down. Yes the cops where called and everything was taken care of.”

If you expose yourself to a dad’s children and wife, you’re probably going to have a really bad time.

Here’s the beat down.

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