Country Boy Shares Experience At His First “Black Cookout” – Gets Viral Reaction

Given the current state of the country, the racial injustice that still continues to plague our society and just overall divisiveness regarding conversations about skin color right now, we could all take a lesson out of this guy’s book.

Zach is a country boy from Mississippi and some of his football buddies (who are all black) invited him to his first black cookout. And as it turns out, Zach was the only white guy there.

“I realized the only three white things at this cookout is the salt shaker, the napkins, and me.”

Zach recapped the entire experience and the video earned him a viral reaction from both black folks and white folks alike. And not just for making everybody laugh, but those that watched it applauded his wholesome approach to race conversations. Zach has since earned almost 3 million views on YouTube, and he’s getting a ton of love in the comments section.

– “When you get invited to a white family’s BBQ you’re treated like a guest. If you get invited to a black family BBQ you’re treated like family… at least that’s been my experience.”
– “This makes me feel better about the world, not gonna lie.”
– “You should go to a black church service.”
– “As a black person, I can confirm this is mad true.”
– “He ain’t lying you can’t disrespect the Grandma that’s a no no.”
– “At times like these we need more of this man, be like Zach.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Racial harmony will never be achieved on Twitter… it’ll happen in the neighborhoods, it’ll happen in community, and it’ll happen at the dinner table. Black folks and white folks doin’ life together… not ignoring their differences, but celebrating them.

Just like Zach and his buddies here.

And Zach made it back to another cookout. He shared his story about Momma T’s fish fry in another video.

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