LEAKED: Bud Light Lemonade Is Coming, Will Make Day Drinking Even Easier

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Consider this your official countdown to spring and summer post.

Photos of the unannounced Bud Light Lemonade have leaked. I don’t give a shit what you drink, you can’t look at this and not think “shit, I could enjoy 15 or so of those while drunk on a boat this summer listening to ’90s country and love every second of it.”

According to Best Products, even though there has been no official word from Bud Light on its release, the new beer has been seen at various bars and stores across the country lately.

It’s 4.2% ABV and comes in standard packs (12, 18, 24) of slim 12oz cans, they’ll have 25oz cans, and even variety packs with Bud Light Lime and Bud Light Orange.

The description reads: Premium Light Lager Brewed With Real Lemon Peels

The questions to ask yourself are…

– does it get me buzzed?

– does it get me drunk before I feel sick?

– is it perfect for day drinking?

– is it built for marathon drinking, so I can make it all day?

– does it go well with various environments such as boating, country concerts, fishing, really anything outdoors?

Warmer weather is coming. Research must be done – we’ll keep you updated on any official release date nationwide.

** These do look like you could easily drink 12 and still figure out a puzzle **

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A beer bottle on a dock