Rick Moranis To Reprise His Role In New ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Kids’ Reboot

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It really seems like everything that comes out of Hollywood these days is just a remake, reboot, re-whatever of something from the past. And sometimes, they’re not even that old. Remember when Hulk came out in 2003 with Eric Bana and then again in 2008 with Ed Norton? You’re only going to give it five years before you try again with the same damn story? Gimme a break…

This however, this is how you do it. You bring it back some 30 years later when all the little kid that first watched it are starting to have their own little kids AND, you bring back some of the OG cast (if you can).

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids is officially BACK with Rick Moranis reprising his original role as the wacky scientist dad Wayne Szalinski. Titled Shrunk, the Disney reboot will also star Josh Gad as the son and feature original director Joe Johnston.

Don’t even tell me you didn’t watch this movie 3,405 times as a kid.

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