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White Claw Drinker Pulls Gun On Crowd, Cops Say He’s Giving “White Claw A Bad Name”

Where to even begin…

Folks lined up outside of Other Half Brewery in Brooklyn the other night, hoping to score a $28 bottle of their limited edition Bourbon Barrel Aged Bananaversary Imperial Stout. Apparently, it’s all the rage…

The craft beer fanatics began camping out the night before, but the fun and games quickly turned into chaos when a White Claw-wielding man (who claimed to be renting the Airbnb across the street) began hurling insults at the group waiting in line.

“We’re hanging out, the line was going around the block at that point,” said one witness. “We were just chatting, not really doing anything. It was a dude and a woman. I think they were drunk.”

After a while, the man returned to the scene with a White Claw in hand and continued mocking the group for waiting in line for a beer. The shit talking escalated, he threw the the White Claw can at a woman in line and ended the conversation with “OK, well how about I put a Glock in your mouth?”

Ummmm, WHAT!?

You’re going to go full lunatic and say ‘How about I put a Glock in your mouth’ over a few people camping out to get some craft beer? Zero to 100 real quick.

According to witnesses, the man returned again with a gun.

“Nobody thought he would actually have a gun, because who the hell would bring out a gun over something this stupid?”

Thankfully, everybody calmed down and no shots were fired. Police arrived on the scene and arrested the man who casually went back to his Airbnb. Brewery owners said there have occasionally been fights in line, but this was definitely a first for them.

And while some of us may be laughing at the sheer idiocy of this man’s behavior, I mean actually pointing a gun at people waiting in a line for beer, the NYPD didn’t find it funny. Although, their “Giving White Claws A Bad Name” hashtag tells me their social media person at least has a few jokes.

Just when you though a line full of Brooklyn hipsters waiting on a case of craft beer was a safe place, one lunatic has to go an ruin it for everybody. And while this bozo is behind bars right now, I can’t help but be pissed about the fact that we don’t a mugshot.

Stay tuned…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock