Redneck Teen Gets Smacked In The Head With A Shovel In Viral Backyard Fight Video

Ding ding… let’s get ready for a hillbilly rumble.

This classic, viral video (from 2014) comes to us from the great state of Ohio, where an argument between two girls is about to get resolved the old fashioned way: fisticuffs. And when it comes to fisticuffs between two high school girls, what’s the only thing they could be fighting about? Boys.

According to WHIO, the argument started over a boy, and has been brewing for a while now.

Let’s go to the tape.

Pink shirt definitely has the height and reach advantage, plus, she manages to keep black shirt at a distance with those front kicks. Black shirt has a tough time landing any decent punches, and you can see the frustration start to build. She’s overmatched, but she has the heart of a lion. Respect.

However, when it appears to be over, pink shirt comes back for more and that’s where this classic example of YouTube backyard brawling goes from comical to downright violent.

Rather than taking a few more front kicks to the gut, black shirt picks up a shovel and launched it right at pink shirt who tries to run away. NOT respect.

After a shockingly impressive toss, said shovel cold-cocks pink shirt right across the back of the head. She’s down for the count, the tears start flowing, and immediately, this isn’t quite as funny as it used to be.

Shovel girl (that’s what people call her now) ended up with a concussion and a bump on the head, and the other ended up pleading out in juvenile court. She was sentenced to counseling and 12 hours of community service. Actually, not a bad deal at all for almost killing someone with a shovel to the head.

If you want a longer video of the fight, including a hilarious explanation of the “rules,” be my guest. It also gives us a different angle (and sideways angle) of the action.

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