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Wisconsin Bar Introduces White Claw Claw Machines & People Are Lining Up To Play

You hear that? That’s the sound of hundreds and hundreds of basic white girls, bunch let’s be honest, a bunch of dudes too, stampeding their way from a bar in Arizona, across the Great Plains, towards a couple bars in Wisconsin. So if you were about to book your flight to Arizona to try the White Claw Claw Machine at the popular El Hefe in Scottsdale, you might want to hold off for a second.

Why? Because two more just popped up in Badger Country.

Jack’s American Pub and Milwaukee Brat House, both in Milwaukee, just introduced new White Claw Claw Machines in their establishments. So if you’re looking for somewhere that isn’t overrun with douchey bros getting bottle service, this might be the place. Sure, Arizona is beautiful and it’s probably snowing in Milwaukee right now, but one basket of cheese curds and you’ll forget all about this thing we call “Winter.”

According to Scott Schaefer, the owner of both Milwaukee watering holes, it’s been a huge success.

“White Claw is very hot right now. It’s one of the most popular drinks at pretty much every bar,” Schaefer tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “People love playing it, and it’s been a massive hit.”

At only a buck per play, how could it not be?

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A beer bottle on a dock