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Cody Jinks Talks Good And Evil With Deeply Philosophical “Which One I Feed”

It’s been a bit of a scavenger hunt when it comes to the new tracks Cody Jinks is releasing. Some songs are on Spotify, some are on Apple Music, this particular one I found on Facebook, but regardless of how you listen, one thing has been consistent: every song has been absolute fire.

With just a few songs to sample, The Wanting and After The Fire have already demonstrated incredibly profound songwriting, the kind of depth that country music has been desperately lacking.

“Which One I Feed” might be based on an old Native American parable, but the message is universal, and one that’s as old as time.

“I wrote this with my friend Jaida Dreyer,” says co-writer Josh Morningstar. “For years I’ve heard this old Native American parable about an old man talking to his grandson. The story goes something like this: “There’s a war being waged inside of each one of us, a war between two wolves. One wolf is anger, jealousy, hatred, lust, gluttony-all the bad things in the world. The other wolf is love, peace, forgiveness, empathy, trust, happiness-everything that’s good in the world. The two wolves are locked in constant battle, each wolf wanting control of your soul. The young boy looked at his grandfather and asked: “which wolf will win?” The grandfather replied: “the one that you feed.” I always thought that story would make a great song, so I brought the idea to Jaida and she dug it too. We wrote it at my buddy Bearcat’s house, then I forgot about it until I was going thru songs to send to Cody for this record. I sent it to Cody, he dug it, then I’m pretty sure he and the band recorded it the same day. I’m proud of the content of this song, and I’m proud we could put the story into rhyme form.”

After The Fire is set to drop on October 11th, while The Wanting will be released the following week, October 18th.

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