Weirdo Breaks Into Taylor Swift’s House, Removes Shoes Because It’s “Polite When You’re A Guest”

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Except you’re not a guest guy…

According to, a 26-year-old weirdo broke into Taylor Swift’s beachfront Rhode Island mansion and removed his shoes because he said it was “polite” to remove your shoes when you’re a guest in somebody’s home. Of course, he wasn’t a guest, and thankfully, Taylor wasn’t home.

The guy broke in by breaking a glass door, and after removing his shoes, set off to “find Taylor.” A motion-detector activated a burglary alarm, triggering a police response who found him in the foyer. The man had no weapons and didn’t intend to hurt anybody, however he’s apparently the third guy to try and break in this summer, but the first to do it successfully.

I mean, look at this guy’s face.

If this isn’t the face of a celebrity stalker, albeit a rather polite one, I don’t know what is…

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