Randy Houser Delivers Stunning Solo Performances Of “No Stone Unturned,” “What Whiskey Does,” & “No Good Place To Cry”

Out of all the great albums that haven been released this year, I keep finding myself going back to Randy Houser’s “Magnolia.” And with every single listen, I find something new to love about the record. It’s that good.

Last week, Randy stopped by Paste Magazine to perform a few songs of that incredible record and talk a little bit about how it came to be. Here’s what he had to say about getting back to the music that he wanted to make:

“This album was born out of a place in me where… I felt like in the past, I wasn’t sorta allowed to be as authentic and unique as I could be. A lot of pressure from the people around me, wanting me to make music that fit into a certain category for the reasons that they have. I never felt like that was me. I just had to take my own path and find what was unique about my music and where I come from and do that. An artist’s biggest dream is to be able to do what they love, and be who they are, and to find an audience with it. And, I’d rather have it that way.”

And, thank God.

Magnolia is some of the most inspired work you’ll hear from any country artist this year, not to mention, Randy can flat-out sing just about everybody in the business under the table. Captivating songwriting, powerhouse vocals and the guitar skills to match, watch as Randy performs a couple songs from the album, including one of my all-time favorites, “No Stone Unturned.”

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