Rare Video Of Tyler Childers Recording “Whitehouse Road” Is Solid Gold

YouTube gold.

A new video, that’s actually quite old, was just uploaded showing Tyler Childers behind the scenes recording “Whitehouse Road.”

The video was recorded on March 22, 2014 according to the account, TheeMostExalted.

“Background on this — I was at Trackside Studios in Huntington, WV by invitation of. . . someone? My mind is fuzzy and I think Ian had told me if I wasn’t busy I may want to go shoot some photos behind the scenes while Tyler was recording his album. I’d always liked Tyler and, when I could be bothered to leave the house to listen to someone play, it was mostly him. He was (and is) a good guy and, back when I shot this back on March 22, 2014, I was happy to see every day that passed was another day he was getting better at what he did.

Anyway. . . . I was in the middle of trying to upgrade some of my ancient equipment and was playing around with shooting video alongside some photos. My low light capabilities with my camera/lens combos was a little lacking, so I ended up getting less than I wanted and. . . having never really fucked with doing documentary work in this environment, I was disenchanted with what I thought I could offer Tyler. . . or Ian. . . or Bud. . . .

So I sat on this for almost 5 years.

I cut off about the first 30 seconds of the song fucking around with my gear. . . and I wasn’t too worried about it because I was just going to cut this together into something else anyway. Time changes everything, though, so now I present this to you as an artifact from a young artist whose music has come to mean a lot to a lot of people.

Hope you enjoy it.”

This will forever be one of my personal favorites from Childers. The song appeared on his 2017 Purgatory album. Check it out.

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