Get Hammered & Lose Your Mind When Your Jack Daniel’s Bottle Starts Talking To You… Say Hello To The New Augmented Reality Label

Imagine getting hammered on Old No. 7 and then the bottle starts talking to you?

Because that’s exactly what’s about to happen with the new Jack Augmented Reality Label.

“Augmented reality is in an exciting stage, and new technology and techniques are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible,” said Peter Oberdorfer, president of Tactic. “The Jack Daniel’s AR app features technology that sets the bar for creative storytelling in this new medium. The learnings and best practices from Jack Daniel’s will help inform the development of AR apps across different brands and industries.”

At over 10 minutes of content, the AR experience has three different parts. The first experience transforms the front label of the bottle into an old-time version of the original Jack Daniel Distillery. The second walks you through the process of actually making the Tennessee whiskey, and the third shares the story of the company’s founder, Jack Daniel, himself.

The next time your buddy is absolutely shit-faced, pull out your phone, make the bottle come alive, and watch him lose his mind.

Oh yeah, and please drink responsibly. Jack always likes to remind you of that, knowing exactly what you’re about to drink…

I think Nick Swardson put it best…

Eric Church’s experience is pretty spot on too…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock