They’re Bringing Back The Motorola Razr Next Month

This is not a drill.

The Motorola Razr, yes, the Motorola Razr that you know and love, that very same Motorola Razr that you used to T9 text your high school crush, is making a comeback this year. And by this year, I mean next month.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the new Razr will be made by Lenovo and will feature a foldable screen. That could mean we are going to see an old school “flip phone” make a comeback, or possibly some new tech that would allow you to physically fold your phone up like a piece of paper. Either way, it’s expected to make it’s debut sometime in February.

Sounds great, whats the catch?

Well, the new Razr will cost $1,500 dollars, be exclusive to Verizon, and Lenovo is only making 200,00 units.

Goodbye iPhone.

I’m gonna grow my hair out and be this guy.

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