Aaron Rodgers Tells Tucker Carlson The US Government Hid Pat Tillman’s Journal To Prop Up The War In Afghanistan

Aaron Rodgers
Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson interviewing Aaron Rodgers, I’m sure this won’t ruffle any feathers…

Aaron Rodgers is in the midst of returning from a devastating rupture of his Achilles that ended his first season with the New York Jets just four plays in but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to speak out about issues that matter to him.

I’m going to keep this as apolitical as possible but unless you live under a rock than you’re probably very familiar with some of Aaron Rodgers beliefs. Between his “immunized” comment during Covid to being floated as a potential running mate for Robert Kennedy Jr., it’s safe to say that while many people share his beliefs, many others are violently opposed to them.

Tucker Carlson recently grabbed our attention by saying that he still has faith in America because of Billy Strings (and who among us can’t echo that sentiment?) but after getting booted from Fox News and starting his own show on X, Carlson has caused a lot of commotion in his own right by interviewing Vladimir Putin and making no shortage of other comments that blaze throughout the various segments of the internet.

All of that is to say, I’d prepare yourself to hear a good bit about this interview, whether you give it a listen or not.

While I haven’t watched it yet there’s a clip already starting to pick up some traction online where Rodgers talks about the US government’s handling of the Pat Tillman situation.

If you’re somehow unaware, Pat Tillman was a safety for the Arizona Cardinals who left the NFL after the 9/11 attacks and enlisted in the Army, leaving millions of dollars and potential stardom on the table to go and serve his country.

Tragically, Tillman was killed in action on April 22nd, 2004 at just 27 years old. His death was originally reported as being due to enemy fire but some investigation revealed that it was actually friendly fire that ended his life.

It’s an unbelievably sad story and one that’s told extremely well in John Krakauer’s book “Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman” (a must read if you haven’t already) and Rodgers brought this up when speaking about where his suspicion of power and distrust of authority stemmed from.

Rodgers started by talking about how his grandfather believed that FDR knew the Japanese were planning an attack on Pearl Harbor and let it happen so the US could get involved in WWII and then moved to talking about the weirdness of the Pat Tillman situation.

Here’s how he put it:

“Another one of my heroes, Pat Tillman, who left the NFL to join the Army, you know his death is very suspicious as well, in that, not the fact we know he was killed by friendly fire, but the way they handled his body afterwards, his uniform, confiscating his last journal, using his death to prop up the war propaganda.

There’s been a lot of great people in history who are super patriotic who question their government and I think that’s what I’ve done…”

Tucker then says he was unaware that Tillman’s journal was confiscated and Rodgers continued by making reference to Krakauer’s book:

“His uniform was burned and his journal was confiscated. That’s in John Krakauer’s book “Where Men Win Glory” which is a fantastic book.

And one of my best friends in the entire world, AJ Hawk, AJ grew his hair out, him and his buddy, in 2004 as a ode to Pat… Pat always had long hair and played for the Cardinals, left a multi-million dollar contract to go fight Al-qaeda and the Taliban.

He gets over there and he’s like “What the f*ck am I doing? I’m guarding these poppy fields, this is not what I signed up for, I miss my wife, I miss being in the states, this is not what I thought we were going to be doing over here.”

And then some really negligent maneuvers happened and split up his unit and he ended up being with one of the members of the Afghani army who was their kind of guide, and you know a guy saw the guy in some dim lighting on the ridge, he was with Pat. They fired on them, obviously Pat and the Afghani thought they were getting fired on by Taliban so fired back and it ended up Pat got killed.

His brother was not told right away that it was friendly fire… it’s one of the only books I’ve ever cried reading.” 

The Tillman story is so heavy and I believe Aaron was just using this an example of why it’s never a bad thing to question our leaders, especially when there’s so much evidence that they have lied or have been deceiving in the past.

Like I said, I’m sure there will be plenty of other clips coming out from this interview but man, I didn’t think I’d be getting all emotional about Pat Tillman today.

Seriously, I can’t recommend “Where Men Win Glory” enough, so pick up a copy today (it’s currently on sale on Amazon) and prepare to feel all the emotions.

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