Reticulated Python Climbing Thick Tree Trunk With Ease Is The Scariest Thing You’ll See Today

Python climbs a tree
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If pythons can do this, is anywhere really safe? Usually the high ground is a place that someone can seek refuge, but getting to an elevated spot is no problem for this Reticulated Python.

By the way, if you are like me, I was wondering what the word “reticulated” meant. I hate to sound like a maid of honor speech or the beginning of a B+ essay, but Oxford dictionary defines reticulated as “constructed, arranged, or marked like a net or network.”

So apparently the snake gets its name for the distinct markings that cover its body. The fact that most, if not all, of everything is already named disappoints me. If things do have a name, how about a rule that if we can think of something better for a name, we can rename it?

I’d like to propose this name for it considering the video: the Demon Python. Not bad right? You’ll most likely agree with me once you see it effortlessly shimmy up this thick tree trunk.

I guess for now though, I’ll still refer to it as the Reticulated Python, just so no one gets confused.

This species is native to South and Southeast Asia, is among the three heaviest, and does hold the title of “world’s longest snake.” The Reticulated Python is commonly hunted for its skin (to be used for medicinal purposes) and is also popular as a pet (what is wrong with you people?).

And remember earlier when I asked “is anywhere safe?” Turns out these massive reptiles are excellent swimmers and have been known to colonize small islands out in the sea.

Translation: they are slowly taking over the world.

It’s pretty easy to imagine them doing so. Just watch this video of the snake that “goes on for days” climbing this tree. Before you watch it, just know that it’s sped up, so don’t be alarmed at the rate that it climbs this tree trunk.

However, I would imagine that if the python chose to hunt you down, it would be like Michael Myers, where even though it is going about things slowly, it would still (somehow) eventually catch up to you.

The video’s caption states:

“If you didn’t know, this is how the Reticulated Python climbs a tree. This sped up footage really demonstrates how snakes are just a muscular tube.”

Snakes are just muscular tubes. Got it…

Sounds good to me, as long as I’m never within 100 yards of this thing.

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