12 Years Ago Today, The Sports World Was Forever Changed By Pete Weber’s Iconic Quote

Pete Weber

Sports has a way of creating special, iconic moments.

Whether it’s a buzzer beater, a late inning home run, or a hail mary touchdown to win the game, history can change forever in just a matter of seconds.

And when you think of the most memorable moments in sports, what comes to mind first? You’d probably think about Michael Jordan’s jumper to win in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals, or Tiger Woods’ chip in during the 2005 Masters.

But only the most cultured sports fans will tell you that the name Pete Weber, a professional bowler, deserves a seat at the table. 12 years ago today, Weber not only bowled a strike when he needed to, he also introduced the world to a saying that undoubtedly matched the moment.

This video won’t only go down in sports history for its importance to culture and society at large. It’ll also go down in meme history, as the clip has gone on to be used as and/or referenced in endless memes.

Regardless of it belongs to the sports world or meme culture, Pete Weber is forever immortalized for his legendary quote following his strike, most notably the very last line:

“Yes! That is right, I did it. Are you kidding me? That’s right. Who do you think you are? I AM!”

Literal chills…and it doesn’t even matter that I’ve seen that video probably 100 times.

Everyone on social media is celebrating and reliving the moment from 12 years ago, and call it emotional bias or recency bias, but everyone online is on the same page about the magical moment Pete Weber bowled into our lives:

And guess what? When Weber retired from professional bowling in 2o21, he let the mic drop with another cold as ice quote that will likely stand the test of time as well:

“Hate me or love me. You watched. That’s all you could do.”

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