With Reggie Bush’s Heisman Reinstated, Fans Have A Wish List Of Other Sports Wrongs To Right

Reggie Bush
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The moment many people have been begging for is finally upon us.

When you think of electrifying college football players, there’s a few that nearly everyone thinks of.

Vince Young, Michael Vick, Tavon Austin, Saquon Barkley, and Pat White are just a few that come to mind as I type this, but one that no one will leave off their list is Reggie Bush.

Reggie was the focal point of USC’s legendary offense from 2003 to 2005. During his time in LA, Reggie racked up 4,470 scrimmage yards and 38 touchdowns, averaging 8.5 yards every time he touched the ball, along with returning 4 kicks for touchdowns. The numbers, while impressive, don’t do his prowess justice though, so let’s look at some of his highlights, shall we?

Yeah, the guy was an electricity factory…

While USC won the National Championship in 2004, his career reached its peak in 2005, his junior season, where Reggie wound up winning the Heisman Trophy with the fifth most first-place votes of all-time, showing just how dominant he was compared to his peers.

But, as we all know, this isn’t all of the story.

Reggie was stripped of his Heisman, and USC was stripped of their National Championship, in 2010 after allegations of illegal payments surfaced within the Pete Carroll ran organization. At the time, fans were pretty loud speaking out against the decision, but those cries have only grown stronger in recent years, especially with NIL now being a major part of college sports.

Well, the NCAA and Heisman Trust have finally come to their senses and agreed that Reggie Bush should once again be honored as a Heisman Trophy winner.

Naturally, pretty much all fans are in agreement that this was the right decision and many current and former players have supported the decision, including Johnny Manziel, who was a driving force for Reggie to get his trophy back.

Obviously, this is a monumental moment in sports history. It’s extremely rare that an organization like the NCAA will reverse course and fix something perceived as wrong by nearly everyone, and we should celebrate this decision.

But, the fixing of one wrong is going to bring up memories of other faults, and fans are taking to X to ask for other infamous bad decisions to be changed retroactively.

Here’s some of the most common wrongs fans are asking to be fixed:

Pete Rose And Barry Bonds To The MLB Hall of Fame

Rehang The Fab 5 Banners

Give Armando Galarraga His Perfect Game

Reinstate Ohio State Wins From 2010 “Tattoo Scandal” And 2012 Bowl Ineligibility

Rectify The SMU “Death Penalty”

Give USC Back Their 2004 National Championship

Reinstate Bobby Bowden’s Wins

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