Jason Aldean Says He Got Donald Trump’s Approval Before Posting His Halloween Skit Last Year

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Jason Aldean

At this point who doesn’t do a Trump impression?

Former president Donald Trump has some unique mannerisms and ways of talking that make him ripe for impersonation. And not gonna lie, there are some pretty great ones out there.

Comedian Shane Gillis does one of my personal favorite Trump impressions.

@thecomedypod Trump vs ISIS 🤣 | Shane Gillis #standupcomedy #comedy #funny #shanegillis #fyp #humortiktok ♬ original sound – The Comedy Pod

And this guy has been all over my TikTok feed with some pretty hilarious videos impersonating the former president.

@jasonscoopcomedyTrump Talks To Cops Outside Court♬ original sound – Jason Scoop

Well last year, country singer Jason Aldean decided to break out his own Trump impression for Halloween.

Of course Aldean and his wife Brittany are good friends with the Donald, and even partied with him at Mar-A-Lago for New Years a couple years ago, where Trump introduced Aldean as “the number one in the world.”

(The number one what? Who knows).


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And Trump also supported Aldean among the controversy over his #1 hit “Try That In A Small Town” last year, praising him as a “fantastic guy” and calling it a “great song.”

“Jason Aldean is a fantastic guy who just came out with a great new song. Support Jason all the way. MAGA!”

So of course before Jason decided to do a parody of Trump for Halloween, alongside his wife Brittany as Joe Biden, he decided to clear it with #45 first.

Aldean talked about the skit during a recent appearance on The Rob + Holly Show, where he revealed that he sent the video to Trump’s team before he released it to make sure that Trump was ok with the impersonation:

“I definitely made a call in the beginning and sent the video to a friend of ours and said, ‘Hey, make sure you run this by him.’

And obviously it was fine…The one thing I’ll say about President Trump is he’s got a great sense of humor, clearly, he’s had to have had. So they thought it was great to have fun and do something silly. We couldn’t resist that this year.”

@robandhollyshow Finally got to ask @Jason Aldean what #trump thought of his impression… #jasonaldean #brittanyaldean #biden #president #presidentialdebate #presidentialelection #impression #funny #silly #robandhollyshow #robstone #hollyhutton ♬ original sound – Rob and Holly Show!

The Halloween skits have become an annual tradition for the Aldeans, and after clearing it with the former president, the 2023 version featured Trump and Biden in a debate, with all of the expected jokes about Biden’s mental state and Trump’s legal troubles.

It was pretty well done – even if the impression might need a little work…


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